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10 Places to find Styled Stock Photography For Your Blogs/Websites

Beautifully styled stock photography will complement your brand, and your business deserves beautiful visual material that will attract attention and create consistency for your online business. I have collated a list of styled stock photography and you can build up your own stock library for your business. There are some amazing sources for styled (and some free!) stock photos that work perfectly for website and blogs. So there is no need to use average or awful images, that will hurt your business and branding in the long run.

With a minimum investment, from as little as $10, you can buy professionally styled stock images that will wow your customers across your blog, website, and followers on social media. You can easily insert text to advertise your products or services, update your banners, and more.

So what exactly are styled stock photography are and who do you need them?

Styled stock photography is photos from online photograph databases that you can legally use for creative purposes, such as on your blog or social media accounts. Some of these you have to pay for and some you don’t, but you should never use photos you find on the internet.

Many people don’t realize that they can get in trouble for using photos they don’t own. Read this story from Chrystie at Living for Naptime. She was sued $7,500 for using a photo from the web that she didn’t have rights to. Don’t let this happen to you!  While some people don’t mind you using their photos as long as you credit them, you never really know, so it’s better to be safe than sorry and not have to face an expensive lawsuit!

10 beautiful styled stock photography databases

  1. Pikwizard | VISIT Pikwizard

Pickwizard has over 100,000 completely free images on the site, over 20,000 of those are exclusive to them. They are also adding new images to the library daily and our ultimate goal is to get to more than 1 million images.

Styled Stock Photographystock styled photography

2.  Haute Chocolate | SIGN UP for FREE stock photos

Elegant, feminine, and chic designs and photos are everything a lifestyle blogger could want. You can sign up to get your first two free photos, and you’ll get new ones emailed to you each month! It’s worth the wait!

Styled Stock PhotographyStyled Stock Photography

3. Design Love Shop | VISIT SHOP

They have styled stock photos in various type of collection such as the classic and everyday glamour.


4.  Wonderlass | Sign up photos here

Allyson’s blog is so fun and colourful, and she also offers 15 free stock photos to use to your heart’s desire!

Styled Stock Photography

5. Dear Miss Modern | VISIT SHOP

These freshly styled photos are perfect for bloggers, designers, shop owners, and anyone looking to create a polished look for their business. Use for website, blog, printed material, social media, & online shop.

Styled Stock Photography Styled Stock Photography

6. Wonderfelle | SIGN UP

For some more pretty and stylish photos, get on the Wonderfelle’s email list. Once you sign up you get instant access to 10 beautiful and feminine photos for your blog.

7. Diva Gone Domestic l VISIT SHOP

DGD Stock Photography is perfect for bloggers, Etsy shops, and other small business. Use for banners in your Facebook or other social media. Update and refresh your website by using stock photos as buttons and banners.

 Styled Stock Photography

8. A Prettier Web | Sign up

A Prettier Web is devoted to just that, offering gorgeous WordPress themes, styled stock photos and more! To grab the lovely, feminine desktop photos (for free!) just sign up! No attribution necessary for using the pics.

Styled Stock Photography Styled Stock Photography

9. RW Productions | VIST SHOP

RW Productions has a simply chic styled desktop photos, with of gorgeous gold and pink office supplies on a white background. You can overlay with text or print designs to communicate the quality of your work. the download file is available in 300dpi and size 3500 x 2333 px.

Styled Stock Photography Styled Stock Photography

10. Ivory Mix 

The site to grab lots of free stock photos for your site (one pack has 54 photos). There are girly photos, chic photos, and great object -type photos.

Click here and download all their photo packs.

Styled Stock Photography

Map Media Marketing

These the most beautiful feminine photos I’ve ever seen! I hope all of you wonderful entrepreneurs and mompreneurs love these as much as I do!

Remember to read the Terms and Conditions for each photo pack you download. Some require attribution, while others don’t want you to profit from their images (i.e. using them in your sales page or eBook).

Have fun being creative with your designs, let me know how you go…please pin me!